What is a Wattbike and how can you benefit?


By Helena Combrinck


How does the Wattbike compare to other indoor bikes? A simple answer really; there is no comparison! It is everything and more, whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend go-getter or just someone who has the desire to be fit and healthy.


The Wattbike was first launched in 2008 after the Olympic Games. It was developed over an eight year period in consultation with Peter Keen – Performance Director of British Cycling. It provides accurate, comparable and repeatable data – something that not all indoor bikes can ensure. With the measuring of 39 cycling parameters in real time, such as pedaling technique, power [W], cadence [rpm], HR [bpm], power to weight ratio [W/kg] and more. As the force is measured through the cranks onto the chain from the rider input, the power that is achieved will not be influenced by neither environmental conditions nor by the resistance that is applied – which can give the rider confidence in the data. Resistance can be applied in two ways: from the magnetic climb lever or the airbrake gear lever.


The Wattbike contains a unique Polar view that gives you the ability to track your pedaling effectiveness for every pedal revolution throughout the training session. It tells the rider whether they have a consistent force profile and if not where they can improve. Without an even contribution of force from each leg – it can prevent you from getting the most speed out of your physiology and can influence the athlete’s performance in a race.


The Wattbike can also be used for general and advanced testing with a wide range of tests such as the Maximal Ramp Test, 3 Minute Aerobic Test and the 20 Minute Threshold Test – just to name a few.

The Wattbike is suitable for all levels of fitness and you do not have to be a cyclist to get the full benefit of a Wattbike – athletes favor it across a multitude of sporting codes including cycling, running, rugby, triathlon, athletics etc.


The English rugby team head coach, Eddie Jones, implemented Wattbike training as part of the team’s preparation. Other teams include the All Blacks, the Irish as well as the Springboks. Athletes from other sports include: 2012 Olympic Gold medalist in the women’s Heptathlon, Jessica Ennis-Hill, South African born English cricketer Kevin Petersen and our own former Protea Netball player, Adele Niemand and the VKB Knights.


At the moment there is little argument that Wattbike is the superior indoor bike. At SPC we always strive to ensure that we have the best training equipment available to our clients. With 9 Wattbikes in our studio the opportunity is there for you to come and experience what Wattbike can offer you. You will not be disappointed …