Strength & Conditioning for Adults

By Herman Liebenberg

How we age, is to a large degree up to us. Aging remains a surprisingly mysterious process. Past scientific research has shown that numerous bodily and cellular processes change undesirably as we grow older.

Sarcopenia is the gradual loss of muscle tissue that occurs due to normal aging. Strength training can effectively decrease the rate of Sarcopenia. How much of a decrease in Sarcopenia you experience, will depend to a large extend on your strength training program and what you combine it with.

Strength training isn’t always about feeling better and getting stronger. It is also about moving better. By combining a strength training program with flexibility and mobility exercises your joints and muscles will have the opportunity to move better. You don’t need to take a separate day for these exercises, simply make them part of your everyday program.

At SPC we believe in a scientific approach towards the way we do strength and conditioning. We believe that a good warm-up before and a cool-down after a session can make a huge difference in the quality of a session. This is an effective way to ensure you get an adequate amount of flexibility and mobility into your program.

Strength training doesn’t always entail lifting heavy weights and isolating a muscle group on a specific day. Functional training provides you with the opportunity to do strength training in specific movement patterns, in a single session. The more functional your training is the more activities and movements in everyday life will improve. Everyday movements in the form of walking, climbing stairs or simply getting up from the floor will become more comfortable with less effort.

Age has long been an excuse for inactivity, with all the benefits of exercising it should no longer be an option. By following a scientific, well-planned strength program, your quality of life can improve and you will be able to do and enjoy the things you love for a lot longer.