SPC and me

by Ad Saffinator Saffy

SPC_Adrian Saffinator Saffy_Transkei Tuff2

So 2017 is in full swing and my year jam packed with events and races and its up to the SPC team to keep this body functioning to do what I love doing.

I am quite stubborn and don’t always listen but I have learnt to try and bend the rules to the max but at the end of the day Ad Le Roux is mostly right in his training approach especially with me relating to recovery.

The weekend of the 9th April 2017 saw me competing with my Adventure Racing team “Team Castle Lite” at the 150km Transkei Tuff Adventure race starting at Wave Crest Resort in the heart of the Wild Coast. My team have been training like mad and have done a couple of events together without me and were firing on  all cylinders so I was worried that I would be the weakest link and that I didn’t like.SPC_Adrian Saffinator Saffy_Transkei Tuff3

Adrian (Le Roux) and Helena put me on a training schedule and this included Wattbike sessions core sessions functional training sessions and brutal break me sessions and although I was doubting in my own fitness their preparation was spot on.

We started the race with a brutal 64 km cycle leg which included an abseil and kloofing section. When the gun went I found myself in the front of the leading pack powering up the hills and I know that the Sufferfest sessions on the Wattbike were to thank.

We hit the kloofing and anyone that has done this know that core balance and stability are needed to prevent yourself slipping and sliding on every moss covered rock in the knee deep river.SPC_Adrian Saffinator Saffy_Transkei Tuff1

I made a bit of a navigation error on the ride home so that allowed 2 teams to pass us just before we got into transition after the long cycle so to say that I was “flippen” angry with myself was an understatement. We transitioned rapidly after plotting the new points on the map and left in front of one of the teams determined to catch the other team that slipped past us previously. Sunset had arrived and we could see the other teams headlights to our left on the coastal path so we switched our lights off went into stealth mode and ran the next leg collecting points and doing a “kloofing” section before returning to the transition.

Next came the paddle leg and seeing that I am in Bloemfontein and not doing allot of paddle training I rely on the strength and core training with SPC to get me through and our team rocked this leg.

Lastly came the long trekking leg and we hit this in beautiful weather with a full moon making the use of our headlights not required. We hit a swim across a tidal river at around midnight and the thoughts of Zambezi sharks swimming underneath me in the murky water made my swim time a lot quicker.

We finished the race with a run along the moonlit beach and a final swim across the river to finish as 2nd official team home.

I can honestly say that despite getting on in years (hahaha), SPC keeps me healthy fit mobile and able to do these races and do them consistently throughout the year. I am forever grateful.

Now up next 36One MTB challenge and the Expedition Africa. Good luck guys in keeping me in the game 🙂