Racing in Zimbabwe

by Jayme Vermaas


This past weekend on the 1st April 2017 I had a fantastic race in Troutbeck, Zimbabwe. The event formed part of the Zimbabwe National Triathlon Championship of 2017.

I was selected by Triathlon South Africa to represent SA at this event, which contributed to my preparation for the upcoming Africa Championship, to be held in Tunisia, in May 2017.

The ZTA (Zimbabwe Triathlon Association) set out a very tough course for us as athletes with a super hilly bike course with a very demanding run route.

I have been training hard over the last 4 months with SPC for the upcoming triathlon season. With the committed SPC staff and specific SPC programs, I was well prepared for any situation that was set in front of me this year. My results at SA Champs and the Zimbabwe race proves that I was well prepared by SPC and conditioned for tough race conditions.

At SA champs I won with more than a minute in very tiring conditions and was able to control the race from start to finish.

The training at SPC does not only prepare you on a physical level but also allowed me to trust the training I have done in order to know that I am prepared to execute good racing tactics.

During the race in Zimbabwe, I knew that the course was a very demanding course with a huge amount of climbing on both the bike and run-leg, and that I have to be wise with how I approach it. I decided not to push at the max on the swim, and allowed my SA team mate, Shanae Williams to lead out of the swim. Once on the bike I past her within the first 100m and kept the pressure on the rest of the field. (Thank you to SPC for all those intense interval and power and conditioning sets on the SPC Watt Bikes. This came in very handy this past weekend).

I felt strong on the bike, and at the end was able to have a 1 and half min lead on my nearest competitor.

During the run I found my rhythm fast and really felt in control of my pace, on the steep sections of the run I was able to hold my form. (A special thank you to SPC for all of those one -leg squats and core training)

The gap just kept on growing and was able to put another 1and half min into the field.

I won the overall junior u/19 race and very pleased with the improvement and gains I have made in my overall racing.

A big shout out to the Sports Performance Clinic family for helping me prepare and gain strength for a solid race and my current season.

Now it’s back to the drawing board and SPC helping me prepare for my up and coming races.

SPC the place to go, to be and to improve…