Pre- and post-event Sports Massage

All athletes have their own unique way of coping, both physically and mentally, with competitive situations.  Therefor is it important to know what pre- and post-care to take for an event. Sports massage is one of the most important therapies in helping an athlete prepare for, and recover from, a competitive event. Here are some advises when choosing sports massage as a pre- and post-event recovery treatment.



Pre-event massage can be considered as anything from two days to two minutes before the event, and the treatment approach will differ greatly according to the time-scale.

Two days before an event a massage can be deep, thorough and relaxing to get the maximum recuperative benefit from the tapering-down process that should precede an event.

Deep treatment, especially if there are specific problem areas to be attended to, may itself take a day or two to recover from and should therefore not be given too close to the event. Just be careful not to get a too deep massage just before an event for it can relax the muscles so much that some athletes find that for a time they lose some of the explosive power they may need.


Once at an event and pre-massages is supplied, know exactly what to get for your type of sport. For example, sport that requires great speed, strength or explosive power needs a stimulating massage treatment, and sports that requires relaxation and heart resting or “laid back” moments such as shooting, needs a very relaxing massage.



Most of the athletes fail to do or go for a proper recovery or cool down treatment due to their sheer exhaustion, elation or perhaps disappointment. Sports massage can be an adequate substitute for a warm-down as it can achieve much the same effect by removing muscle waste and stretching the tissues. A gentle passive stretching of all the main muscles, or those that feel particularly sore, should be carried out at the end of the massage treatment. Stretching helps to re-align muscle fibers and prevent the natural tightness and stiffness that often follow hard exercise or a though race.


Next time when you go for a sports massage know what to expect and know what to ask for. Sports massage will always be available at our facility to help you prepare and perform better, so book your pre- or post-massage to get the results you want.








Susan Cloete