Invest Emotional Capital

(Morne Castelyn)

This is officially my fist blog entry ever. It would be so easy to right a well researched article about lower back pain or medial tibial stress syndrome or patellofemoral pain disorders etc etc… But that would be “Putting the cart before the horse” I believe the saying goes.

When we as fitness professionals think about a gym, we think “I wonder what equipment and space do they have to work with?” Or “I can’t believe they think that is training!”. But we sometimes neglect to acknowledge is the scary prospect this is to the amateur or first timer to a gym. We are so excited at the prospect of a new client and already have their entire time periodized down to the tee by the time the evaluation is done. We sometimes forget the most important thing: training environment!

It is our job and obligation as individuals who promote healthy living and good habits with regard to nutrition and training, and who are comfortable in training facilities to first of all create a comfortable, relaxed and safe environment for our clients to train in. The only way you will have good compliance within your practice, is if your clients want to come back. I’d like to say that every time a client or patient joins our facility, I invest a little bit of personal capital in their journey. If your clients realize you are more invested in their goals and fitness journey before you worry about payment and getting down to the training principles and phases, they feel your investment in their emotions about their decision.

When you have clients returning each off-season or pre-season training cycle, after you have gone through all the base training phases in previous years, you realize one thing: that the little personal capital that you invested in their journey initially has yielded the greatest return of all: their trust!

Enjoy your week all. Trust in our profession and keep investing in your clients and we will change the outlook of the fitness world!