Hours & The Fitness Industry

(A Le Roux)

Recently we had some vacancies at SPC. So we followed the natural process: advertise, interview and appoint. We take a lot of pride in who wears our uniform and who represent SPC as an employee. They must have the necessary qualification, have the practical experience, they must be presentable and they must have excellent people skills. In the times we live in we had no shortage of applicants  some very good and some not so good. Based on the must have we come up with our questions. I am looking for a sense of urgency, a drive, a will to tackle any task and a will to learn. We ask our questions and then they can shoot some questions at us. In many of the interviews the following question came up from our candidates:  Can you tell me what my working hours will be?

What a silly question. Understandably this will be discussed at some point but should you ask it in an interview were you apply for a position in the health & fitness industry? No. The fact of the matter is in our industry there are no fixed hours. If you want to make any progress (especially at the start of your career) you will have to work more than the standard 8 hours a day. A lot more. Your day might start at 4.30am and finish at 9pm. If you are not keen on these hours then maybe it is better to look at another industry. We cater for the working class  people that work from 8 to 5 and for that reason our day starts early and finishes 14 hours later. Yes there are shifts that can make things a bit easier but understand the requirements of the industry and the needs of the clients.

It is a great profession. No doubt there will be some sacrifices, but if it is your passion the rewards will far outweigh the sacrifices