SPC Tips on Endurance Training & Nutrition

(by Adrian Le Roux)

At SPC we have many endurance athletes. These guys (& girls) are tough, and you need to be. You have to be prepared physically and more so mentally to participate and be successful in these events. When talk about endurance events I am talking about events that goes beyond the 4-hour mark up to multi-day stage race over a period of 3  8 days. Every individual is different. Therefore at SPC provide a tailor made program to each of our athletes. However there are a few general tips that we can share in training and nutrition for an endurance event


  • Identify your race day and work backwards from that date with a structured program and gradual progression over a number of weeks
  • Identify what equipment and shoes you will use on the day. Get hold of these as soon as possible and make them part of your training regime.
  • Include a functional strength program as part of your total preparation plan. Strength endurance will play an integral role during your event
  • Make sure you recover from week to week. You get the best value out of your training if there is adequate recovery
  • Although it is endurance it is not all about the long stuff  interval training are also important.
  • Training takes a lot out of you so keep up your immune system


  • Hydration is key. Stay away from sugary drinks and rather look for a low sugar electrolyte drink
  • Eat a quality diet week in and week out. Eat food that gives you energy and do not eat energy away from you.
  • Practice meal timing on race day. When do you want to eat what and simulate that in some of your training sessions. Do not experiment with new foods or supplements on or just before race day
  • Set a timer. This is personal preference but it is not a bad idea during these long events to set a timer every 45-60min that reminds you to eat and drink
  • On race day eat and drink something every 45-60min. Not in large quantity but just enough. Time goes by quickly on the day so rather set a timer that will remind you to feed the machine