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Epic….what a ride? Literally….

by Adéle Niemand It took me about a week to get to my senses and organize my thoughts to express what it’s like to do the biggest, most brutal mountain bike race in the world. The ABSA Cape Epic. One thing is for certain, when I was asked by my partner to do this, I […]

SPC and me

by Ad Saffinator Saffy So 2017 is in full swing and my year jam packed with events and races and its up to the SPC team to keep this body functioning to do what I love doing. I am quite stubborn and don’t always listen but I have learnt to try and bend the rules […]

Batrun and other things…

by Chris Strydom Batrun…a training run with the Cape Doctor at night On the evening of 18 Feb myself and 129 other eager mountain runners got together at the Gardens Tech Rugby Club for a 30km race in Table Mountain National Park. The race takes you up and down Devils Peak, Platteklip Gorge all the […]

Racing in Zimbabwe

by Jayme Vermaas This past weekend on the 1st April 2017 I had a fantastic race in Troutbeck, Zimbabwe. The event formed part of the Zimbabwe National Triathlon Championship of 2017. I was selected by Triathlon South Africa to represent SA at this event, which contributed to my preparation for the upcoming Africa Championship, to […]

Assisted Single Leg Deadlift

By Herman Liebenberg (Athlete Michelle van Tonder) The Assisted Single Leg Deadlift is a good exercise to improve single leg deadlift technique.  The exercise helps to better understand “hip hinge”. It allows the athlete to add more weight in a controlled environment, and it is a good example of how to address the posterior sling.

7 Key Factors for Developing Fast Bowlers

By Adrian Le Roux In February I came across a very good article written by Eric Cressey – 6 Key Factors for developing pitchers (baseball). Almost immediately I switched over to my ‘cricket brain’ in that not only can these factors probably be implemented by most sporting codes but it will definitely be applicable in […]

Mobility Training (by Herman Liebenberg)

Mobility can also be referred to as range of motion (ROM). In other words the ability of a joint to move through its range in different planes without being under stress. Limited range of motion can cause functional limitations in movements that may lead to poor quality of an exercise, or worse, result in injury. […]


CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA (CSA) today congratulated the VKB Knights on winning the Sunfoil Series. Saturday, 11 February 2017  The Knights claimed the trophy in champion style by beating bizhub Highveld Lions by an innings in their final match to place themselves out of the reach of their nearest rivals, the Multiply Titans. “They have played […]