A Different view on Sports Massage Therapy

As a sports massage therapist my occupation is an interesting one and sometimes could be very challenging. Every individual that walks into my practice has different needs. A variety of sportsmen and -women receive sports massage on a weekly basis to aid the recovery process, improve muscle function and joint flexibility, and sometimes just to relax and to release stress.

During this year I have found that a lot of the athletes are under a large amount of stress due to their sport and or work. Not all sporting codes in South Africa are professional. In most sports the income that they do receive from their sport is not sufficient to make a living. Examples of these will include netball, hockey, athletics and equestrian. However, sport types such as rugby, cricket and soccer are professions were the athletes receives financial reward for their efforts on the sports field. One can therefore argue that there is some additional stress on the amateur sportsman from a financial point of view.

Most of the athletes who do not receive any income from their sport will to generate an additional source of income. Eventually this will all add up. To have a full time profession and participate in a competitive sport environment can be very challenging for a lot of athletes.

In my practice I have found that sometimes these athletes who have a normal working day in addition to their training have more upper body tension and spasms than the full time professional athlete. Most of my treatment time I will focus on the upper body due to excessive tension so that when the athlete walks out of my practice he or she will feel more relaxed and hopefully less stressed.

Sports massage can only treat the symptoms of stress. The athlete has to learn to manage stress and probably more important manage time allocated to different challenges on the sports field or at the work place. In other words tackle the cause of the problem. Easier said than done but that will be my advise in order to enhance health & performance.

My approach will always include an individually plan to meet the athlete’s needs and help in the prevention, maintenance, and care of soft tissue injuries. My treatments incorporate techniques that will help improve flexibility, range of motion, and improve soft tissue function to promote greater athletic performance.

So ask yourself:
“How can I keep my muscles healthy, improve and increase recovery time, improve flexibility, maintain relaxation and have a better sleep cycle?”

Sport Massage Therapy, simple and effective!

Susan Kleynhans


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